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Order your copy of “No Suit for You.”

In late 2011, Mr. Fehlman published a reference guide for agents and brokers.

The book is titled “No Suit For You.” The book is user friendly, easy to read and is the culmination of over 20 years practicing real estate law. The book has been a hit and is currently being used in training programs for many Century 21, Re/Max and Coldwell Banker offices.

The book consists of eleven chapters. Those chapters summarize the following areas of residential real estate law:

I. Offers and Counter Offers

II. Contingencies

III. Inspection and Disclosure

IV. Expert Inspections

V. Liquidated Damages

VI. Mediation

VII. Arbitration

VIII. Referral; Transaction; Short Sale Negotiator Fees

IX. Foreclosure; Short Sale; Deed in Lieu Transactions

X. Home Equity Sales Act; Mortgage Foreclosure Consultants’ Act

XI. Easements

XII. Landlord/Tenant

XIII. Fiduciary and Non-Fiduciary Duties.


Mr. Fehlman is available to present his book with a lecture at your real estate office. His lectures are “high energy” and based upon the table of contents for the book.

The agents not only receive a comprehensive review of the law, but learn the book at the same time. The lectures are at no cost to the broker and are a guaranteed hit.

YES, I wish to schedule a training and/or order a copy of  “No Suit for You.”

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